My cause for concern

The thing I'm concerned about at the moment is the influence that changing weather pattern may have on the future of the Japanese landscape.

Let me explain why. I've been reading and hearing lots of newspaper and news articles on the subject, and also I'm Japanese so I have personal interest. You see, I have a house and family in Japan and I'm going to live in Japan after 3-5years and I'm afraid that the Japanese landscape are changing. Just a few years ago, Japan had a "2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami" and Japan had a very big Tsunami and 2 million people died and attacked " Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant" and an atomic energy accident happen with radiological release. Anyway Tsunami was 40meters high, can you believe it? Now Japan have a more higher risk than before the things happen, and also had a tsunami warning announced in all of the coast of Japan. However all Japanese people who lived in coast, are afraid for Tsunami everyday and every time.

Research shows that today in the whole world, there have a very violent weather changing that a average of temperature, the extreme high temperature, heat wave, and heavy rain are increasing and the extreme low temperature is decreasing. That effect to the change of the rainfall pattern and the increase of the heavy rain risk have been already observed worldwide, and a prediction has the rather modest fear pointed out conventionally. And also that effect change of the precipitation spreads in Japan and comes to have intense differences between age and age of a great quantity of rain of the gentle rain. Tsunami is the wave of the long period for an emergency caused by the change in the short time of the volume of the seafloor topography and the seawater, a shock wave to seawater.So it can influence may have on outbreak of Tsunami in Japan.

I have two more concerns. Firstly, I worry that changing weather pattern will effect the "Current sea level rise". When a mean sea level is finished by a rise in sea level, it follow this, and the biggest wave height by high tide and the surge rises. Therefore, the risk of these disasters increases by a rise in sea level, and the damage spreads more to the inland. And in Japan, in addition it will force the regional economy along the shore including the setting of a protection against a high tide door, the drainage pump for the wide area of the inundation area to cause becoming it and the local government to many burdens. When damage more than 5 trillion yen a year occurs by every rise in sea level of 15cm in the test calculation example in Japan, it is predicted.

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