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Higan and Bon
Buddhism refers to the present life as"this shore and to the life of enlightenment as the“ other shore". Higan is a seven-day Budd hist memorial service for the dead held twice a year, centering on two periods, the vernal equinox(around March 21) and the autumnal equinox(around September 23) On these two days, the sun crosses the equator, and the lengths of day and night become equal. These two days are national holidays.
During Higan the Japanese have long had the custom of honoring their ancestors whom they believe to be in the “other world" of the west where the sun sets. People visit their family graves, clean them, and show reverence for the dead by offering flowers and incense. A kind of rice dumpling called ohagi, flavored with sweet bean paste or soybean flour, is also placed before the graves.

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