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The Star Festival is based on a Chinese romantic legend to the effect that every year on the eve of July 7, Vega, otherwise known as the Weaver Star Princess, is supposed to meet Altair, or Herdboy Star, on the bank of the River of Heaven, which is commonly known as the Milky Way.

The legend behind this rendezvous is that the celestial princess, who was an accomplished weaver, fell in love with a handsome cowherd. To reward her for her industry, her father, the king, permitted the couple to marry. However, the couple fell so madly in love that the princess neglected her weaving, and the cowherd allowed all his cows to stray.

The celestial king was so angered by this negligence that he finally separated the lovers, forcing them to remain on the opposite sides of the Milky Way.

Since there was no bridge spanning the Milky Way, the princess, who missed her lover, wept bitterly. A magpie happened to come along, and feeling deeply sympathetic, the bird assured her that it would build a bridge for her once a year. This was done with many magpies spreading their wings and forming a bridge on which the princess crossed.

The legend says further, if it rains on the eve of July 7, the magpies will not make the bridge, and the celestial lovers must wait another year for their meeting.

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